WordPress Multisite Plugin

WordPress Multisite Made Easy

Site Architect will turbocharge your ability to draft new sites on your WordPress multisite network. Manage, group, and create new sites in an easy to use interface, or quickly clone an existing site.

Site Architect interface, with a full view of sites and one click access to site creation and management

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Multisite management made more… manageable


Draft site types as blueprints to help you spin up new sites quickly and easily.


Jump start new sites by cloning existing sites complete with plugins, themes, pages, and more.

User Friendly

Our easy-to-use interface puts everything you need at your fingertips.


Scale your network with ease using tools designed to grow with you.

The main sites overview screen in Site Architect

Automate your tedious routines

Site Architect helps you automate the tedious and cumbersome parts of creating new sites in a WordPress multisite network. With Site Architect site types, you predefine which theme and plugins to activate for a particular type of site. When you create a new site, you simply select the type of site you need, and Site Architect takes care of the rest.

Duplicate sites with a click of a button

Create sites faster than ever before

Site Architect provides an easy-to-use site cloning tool that enables you to create an exact duplicate of any site on your network. It not only copies the active theme and plugins, but it goes much further by copying the site’s pages, menus, users, and configuration. You can create a custom site to use as a template for generating new sites with the exact same structure quickly and easily.

Sites are listed out with screenshots and descriptions for easy viewing

Keep track of everything in one place

A view of all of the sites in your network keeps you focused on managing and creating sites. Organize sites by type, and quickly jump to the dashboard. Easily bulk manage sites, add new users, or activate plugins across multiple sites all with a single click.